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About Us

In 1970, Evelyn Criswell was the typical housewife and mother, strolling through the local market to purchase groceries for her family.  As she walked the aisles, she met a friend and began a conversation that has forever changed her life!  You see, there amid the baking products, her friend picked up an entry for the Pillsbury Bake-Off.  Evelyn took the form, went home and unloaded the groceries and quickly got back into her routine of wife, mother, cook, etc.  Every time she walked into the kitchen, she thought about the entry form lying on the counter.  After several passes, she read the details, filled out the form, and began creating a recipe that would take her all the way to the finals in Honolulu, Hawaii!  (Evelyn was also a top finalist in the '73 and '78 Bake-Off contests.)

After returning from the Bake-Off, her normal routine was interrupted with calls for birthday cakes and other party treats.  She quickly became the "go to" person for family celebrations and events.  In 1971, a caterer friend asked her to assist with a wedding reception.  Just prior to the wedding, her friend's husband was suddenly relocated out of state.  As a result, Evelyn was left with the task of "pulling off" the reception.  This event catapulted her into a career that has spanned over three decades.  Now after over 30 years of creating elaborate wedding feasts, she has served over 1000 brides.  She is held in high regard by her peers and is a much sought after caterer for weddings, parties, and corporate events.  She has recently been preparing presentations for the state's First Lady, Patsy Riley. 

Evelyn's recipes have been featured in many publications, including Southern Living, Southern Living's Best of 2000 Recipes, Southern Living's Homestyle Cooking, America's Best Recipes, A Treasury of Southern Baking, The NYTimes Regional Newspapers, as well as publications from Pillsbury and others.

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Evelyn Criswell

Evelyn at the Pillsbury Bake-Off
Hollywood, California 1973